Man lives half his life in Misconceptions.

I want to share one of my recent experience, where I believe most of man will be thinking just like me only.

So in my building there are two women who how manage all the garbage collection and cleaning for the entire building. Every day I greet them, sometimes “Good Moring” sometimes “Hello” where ever I meet them. So few days back one of the lady was wearing a beautiful saree and she was looking very nice. I complimented her “Wahh! today you are looking very nice” she replied with her beautiful smile. Next day she came wearing a more beautiful saree than the previous day. I was a little taken a back and so gave her no compliment. I just smiled and left that place.

Now my Male mind started working overtime “ Did she wear a more beautiful saree than the previous day because I gave her a compliment? ” “Is she trying to impress me? “is it because I greet her every day she has developed interest in me ? “ I stopped myself from thinking any further and started working.

The same night I spoke to my wife about it and then the reality of the situation dawned upon me. As I told her the complete scene charmingly she replied “ Aare it Navaratri and that’s why she must be wearing sarees and not uniform”

So moral of the story is Man lives half his life in misconception. Time to Wake Up.