Ship Of Theseus

I am addicted of youtube. While surfing found promo of the Ship of theseus I thought this movie would be like philosophical movie and l love philosophy so I was waiting for long time to release this movie. Finally we went to see that movie. This movie is basically about body part transplant. In this movie there is few characters who live there life on their terms someone is Sadhu, one blind photographer, one business man all of them very much rigid then later on they need body part transplant and after that they’ve change completely. The movie leave us with one question is that just by changing only body part you become new person or you become like donor (who has give body part) . . This movie stays with me more then 3 – 4 month. I knew that body transplant is possible in many ways. None of my family members ever needed so I’ve never gone through that situation. But after see this movie I’ve realize that after your death, your body done not matter to you or for others but by doing body part donation you can surely change may life. Director Ananad Gandhi has done heart touching job.