Colours Of Kerala, India

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Margarita With A Straw

Margrita with a StrawThis movie is about how disable person exploring sex. As a movie it is fantastic director Shonali BoseNilesh Maniyar and their team has don great job

After watching this movie i’ve started thinking about all disable friends who will also have sex desire i never think about is way. What we think about them is only that on right time they take medicine, excises, some study and good sleep that’s it not their sex desire. We accepted that they are disable so they don’t have any sex desire and worst part is that they are not able to express. In this situation percents have to take lead and help their kids.

This sex thing is not only limited with disable only it is with normal children also. Do we think about their sex desire? NO is the answer. If we are ready to understand disable but not a normal children. We understand thing on the base of sympathy. We don’t talk and watch sex in front of kids why?  Is this really bad? We have always treated sex like a god without any question you’ve to believe in it and we also accepted that our kids will have their knowledge their own when they grow up 18 year old (but parents thinks it should be 22 year old) god will bless from sky and he/she will have nice knowledge for sex and they live happily. Yes we find this funny but we do same.  Is it really difficulty to talk about sex? You also have face lots of problem in sex how to get comfortable with partner, how a man think, woman think, behave and react all of the research you did your own  doing this your most of time spend in research only then enjoying  sex . We always want to give our exercise to someone and specially our kids, so that they become batter in it and face less problem, but in sex why we want them to struggle? Just because of we don’t have guts to talk about sex?

Let’s be a change talk about sex with everyone.