Cute Moment

one cute moment happen with me.I was traveling locally in Pune and I have to stop one of the signal of Yarwada. As usual some kids come to near and started asking for beggary. My car’s volume was bit loud and windows are close. One little cute girl come to me as per her job start begging for money then she realize something different she touch car and suddenly she bend put her ears on car door and start enjoying music vibration. Then she start walking ahead. But her mood was changed she was kind of doing dancing steps. 

No matter what you tech childhood, it will remain as a childhood.


Tamil Nadu Road Trip – Madurai

Hey Guys

We just did Road Trip to Tamil Nadu we have covered may of city and took lots of photos some of them i am sharing with you .. Hope you like it.. Magilchi 🙂 (Cheers) alagar-koil-temple-madurai-01alagar-koil-temple-madurai-1alagar-koil-temple-madurai-02alagar-koil-temple-madurai-03alagar-koil-temple-madurai-04alagar-koil-temple-madurai-05alagar-koil-temple-madurai-06alagar-koil-temple-madurai-07alagar-koil-temple-madurai-08alagar-koil-temple-madurai-09meenakshi-temple-madurai-01meenakshi-temple-madurai-02meenakshi-temple-madurai-03meenakshi-temple-madurai-04meenakshi-temple-madurai-05meenakshi-temple-madurai-06meenakshi-temple-madurai-07meenakshi-temple-madurai-08