Colours Of Kerala, India

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I am singer of God

We have visited Tulapur multiple times it’s about 30 – 35km far from Pune city. This place is famous for Sangmeshvar temple – the temple is known so as 3 rivers meet here, Shambaji samdhi.I went there with my girl friend.
We visited the temple and then were looking around and we heard a nice pleasant voice – a simple old guy was seating on the steps and singing some bhajan (song for God). i was very keen to see his instrument so i went a bit close to him9he was very much engrossssed in his songs),I felt teh urge to click some pics(i sincerely belive that natural photos look much better than the posed ones – one can see the real beauty of the moment)
Just when i was clicking the photos he realized that some was close to him so he opened his eyes and gave us a beautiful smile and asked in Marathi ‘ what do you want’. I am glad my girl friend was with me as i dont know Marathi. She talked with him and told him that we like your instrument – he was very happy to know that and also to talk to us. He told us that he had bought the instrument 3 – 4 years ago and that time it had cost him Rs 1200.

He was very proud of his instrument and also told us from where he had got it? I was able to understand 60 to 70 % but his expression and smile was telling me everything about him. I asked him β€œ what you do ?” he replied β€œ i just sing songs of god and if people like them then they give some money β€œ

I really wonder that the poor old man struggling with his oldage and yet heΒ  smiled like the most satisfied person. I guess he was doing what he wants to do.