Creator Around Me Part 3

Hey Guys

Today I am going to share a really simple thing made by a very simple person. It was early morning when I had gone to meet one of my relative’s at Sahakar nagar in Pune. Sahakar Nagar is of one the area of Pune which is still close to nature with loads of trees around and one can find people doing simple stuffs. So that particular day as soon we stepped out of the car I saw an old guys sitting on the floor and doing something with coconut coverings. I went close to him to see what the old guy was actually doing – he was making Jhadu (Broom) out of the leaves. I tried to talk to him but he was in no mood to talk with me. The way he was making the broom was so simple to do.

That moment I felt that we have made everything around us so difficult and complicated that we don’t even know how to make a broom and it becomes a skill where as it never was difficult to begin with.

Have a look at the video and you will surely agree with me.


Creator Around Me Part 2


Today i am going to share one of my experience at Ahmedabad. It was one of the cold days of December when I and Mithila went out for a walk in Ahmedabad. We found very interesting work being done by some people on the street-side. It was looking like they were doing some weaving but it was with Bamboo sticks.

They were actually making Bamboo Chicks curtains. It was really amazing to see that and when i have inquired them for cost, I was surprised when they said Rs. 50/- Per Square feet approximate but they were not sure as they were the ones who made it and the selling part was done by someone else. The most fascinating part was their speed, we spent quite some time there.

Enjoy photos and video.

Creator Around Me Part 1

Hey Guys

Today I want to share my Wife Mithila Kulkarni’s Creation. She didn’t consider herself as a creative person but i don’t think so and you guys are the best judges.

My Father and Mother in law travel a lot and some of them makes them go through the airporta and they the face the most common problem of mixed up bags as the bags look too similar so they asked Mithila if she could do something about their suitcases so as to be able to identify their bags easily. Mithila came up with some good designs for their bags and to make it simpler for them. Check it out below