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Beautiful Konkan

We travel to make new Memory.

This time we travel to again Konkan but at Sidhudurga Fort. It is almost 360 Km form Pune. As a fan of driving we went on our car only.

Road condition was perfect there is small patch after Kolpuar to be specific Nipani diversion in single lane but road is good.

We started around 4 30 am and we reach to Resort Village Maachli,Parule  around 12 45 pm. Sindhudurg is approximate 23 Km far form Parule so we have already done booking decided to stay at Resort Village Maachli. Maachli is concept of living in the nature. We had great time their great cottages with all provision and very clean, there they have made complete handmade cottages with lots use of solid wood, cottages been made such way that existing non tree get disturbed, there vassal making of food are completely eco-friendly very much impressed with management.

Resort Village Maachli :

After settling down and post our lunch we went to the nearby beach Bhogave Beach. It was fantastic, simple, clean and serene – the best part being that there were very few people around. Being less crowded meant we could have the beach to ourselves and we had loads of fun.  While going towards the beach we had seen a sign board of a Fort on the way and decided to visit it on our way back. The fort was called Nivati Fort and we had to take a de-tour for it. After some 30-45 mins of travel we reached the fort to find it completely in shambles. We din’t get much of the details about it but it must have been nice because it has a beautiful and mesmerizing view of sea from Fort.


We had our dinner at the resort. Post dinner while in conversation with the resort’s owner Mr. Pravin Samant we came to know about “Dashavtar”. He told us that sound blasting through the loud speakers was coming from Village’s local Folk Play which got us excited and we proceeded towards the direction of the loud speaker. Dashavtar is a story of Lord Shiva, it was being enacted in one of the temples of the village. It was very first of my experience to see this kind of a local play and that to also at the local place. The entire show was completely mesmerizing – the way they were delivering the dialogues, makeup, acting each was a masterpiece in it’s own sense. We were really lucky to be able to witness such performance.


While having lunch and dinner at Maachli we observed that they served in hand made plates which were sturdy and not the usual ones we get in the market. Upon enquiring we came to know they were made out of Betel Nuts leaves. We found the ceoncept very interesting and eco-friendly so we asked from where they get the plates to which Mr. Pravin told us that they were made in the village itself and told us the address to source them if we wished. The ext morning while leaving for Sindhudurg fort we went to the place Mr. Pravin had referred us to. He specifically told us to ask for Nair Teacher/Sir. On our way we asked quite some people for the directions and everyone seemed to know Teacher Nair. Finally we  were able to find their house. The experience of meeting them was a high point of our trip. Such humble, beautiful and welcoming people were they.  Mr. Nair’s Son Prathamesh handles the handmade dish making work. He explained us the entire process ind etail and also showed us the process. We got delayed on our schedule but this was every bit worth for the delay. It was fantastic.


Post which we left for Sindhudurg Fort, it was pretty close as it took us less than an hour to reach. It was amazing from a distance itself you can make out how much grand it must have been. To go there one needs to  go by small boat from the jetty to the fort. It is nicely managed and tickets for the boat ride can be bought from the counter. We reached the fort with high hoped but on reaching there we were disappointed as there is not much left to see inside. It is a huge landscape with lots of cold drinks and other stalls with the stone boundary along the fort. We hired a guide thinking we would be getting a good know how about the fort history but he was not a professional guide instead a local college boy who was the part of the locals living on the fort. Yes..but without a guide there is nothing that we see that can be understood.
He took us to two small wells which been such way that water can always be found in them. They were 3 wells in total with sweet water right in middle of the ocean. There was a temple which was a small secret way to the city to be used in times of distress. He also took us to Shivaji Maharaj Temple. The guide also told us to visit the place where Shivaji Maharaj’s Foot print and Hand Print can be seen on top of the fort but only my Father-in-law went there as we all were so exhausted because of severe heat and humidity. i would suggest not to visit the Fort during the summer times especially during the heat hours of the day.
At end of every trip we bring back some beautiful moments this time it was food, cottage, sea, hospitality, humble people and Fanas. 🙂 The place because of its beauty both natural and that of it’s people attracts you to visit it again

Classic Camp of Pune

Hey guys

Today I want to share one of my most favorite areas of Pune City which is CAMP. For most of the people, Pune Camp is for Shopping and Eating outlets but for me it is more than that. This place has always been very fascinating and very attractive for me because of the beautiful houses of this area, if I am not wrong this was the most developed area during the British rule. Now  we can only see some signs of that in the remaining elements of Camp. Since it been developed by Britishers you can see lots of British elements in exterior of house which is very much original and intact.

Right now, people who are living here have done some changes as per their choice and somewhere as per their religious beliefs, some of them for renting out their place while new shop owners are changing the building as per current Interior decoration trends ( He/She  has forgotten that they already have a beautiful place).  The building’s identity is vanishing but people are forgetting that they are also losing their own identity with it. If they keep the same elevation and do refinishing of the building will maintain corrector of building. It is very simple, you keep the building’s identity safe and the building in turn will keep the identity of the area intact and the area is what defines you and your status . I wouldn’t say don’t rent out the place, definitely rent out your place but make sure you lay down the terms right like the exterior should not be changed, the changes should be within the interior part only that also should be in accordance to the building. Importantly don’t start any work without consulting an Architect. There will be many Architects who would love this kind of beautiful old buildings and they might give you advice for free or you could always walk to an Architecture college  where the final year students can guide you very easily and I am sure they’ll not charge more than few cups of tea 😊.  Most of all if house owner themselves start taking care of the buildings then Camp will become more beautiful and a touristy area of Pune. The entire world might just come & visit Camp or may be learn about it in history books.  😊 We need to preserve our Heritage.

Next time when you visit Camp while walking on MG Road just look up and observe the beautiful balconies, I am sure you’ll also fall in love with Camp just like me.

Sharing some amazing photos of the Camp Area.

Love your City just the way you love your home.

Piyush May


Tamil Nadu Road Trip – Madurai

Hey Guys

We just did Road Trip to Tamil Nadu we have covered may of city and took lots of photos some of them i am sharing with you .. Hope you like it.. Magilchi 🙂 (Cheers) alagar-koil-temple-madurai-01alagar-koil-temple-madurai-1alagar-koil-temple-madurai-02alagar-koil-temple-madurai-03alagar-koil-temple-madurai-04alagar-koil-temple-madurai-05alagar-koil-temple-madurai-06alagar-koil-temple-madurai-07alagar-koil-temple-madurai-08alagar-koil-temple-madurai-09meenakshi-temple-madurai-01meenakshi-temple-madurai-02meenakshi-temple-madurai-03meenakshi-temple-madurai-04meenakshi-temple-madurai-05meenakshi-temple-madurai-06meenakshi-temple-madurai-07meenakshi-temple-madurai-08